Bachelor Pad Living Room

Bachelor Pad Living Room

Don’t get carried away by all the glossy inspiration you see ever so often while flipping through bachelor pad ideas. While aesthetics are important, try and amalgamate them with ergonomics in a balanced manner. To put it in simpler terms, comfort comes ahead of style! A bachelor pad is primarily your personal refuge where you rest, recuperate and relax after a hard day at work. Never let go of the cozy, snug appeal simply to bring in some eye candy. But comfort does not mean a poorly kept, shabbily decorated living room. Pick out a quality couch to kick start the makeover of your own bachelor pad.
bachelor pad living room 1

Bachelor Pad Living Room

Here’s an example of a particularly glamorous and stylish bachelor pad that’s been designed by the Russell group and Palumbo Design team. It’s located in Hollywood Hills, California and it has 2 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms. It has a very modern interior and has been meticulously decorated It features panoramic views of the city, floor-to-ceiling glass walls and several original and surprising architectural details such as a parking spot in the living room and a mechanical dining room table. But the best news is that this dream bachelor pad is for sale at $5,995,000.
bachelor pad living room 2

Bachelor Pad Living Room

A bachelor pad is the one place where you can do whatever you want and that you can decorate how you please. That’s because you’re the only one that has to like it and the one that needs to like living in there. This means there are no rules for how to decorate your bachelor pad. There are, however, a few tips that might help you:
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Bachelor Pad Living Room

If the previous example showed a warm and cozy interior, this time we found a bachelor pad with a more industrial feel. This is a 2100 square feet bachelor pad that belongs to star Steve Burns. It’s located in Brooklyn, New York and it was designed by Mesh Architectures. The exterior is particularly intriguing and reflects well the concept used for this project. This place also has a private courtyard that’s been arranged to serve as an awesome entertainment space. The interior is simple, functional and with an industrial look.
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Bachelor Pad Living Room

Decorating a bachelor pad can be really challenging for any of us, even if at first it doesn’t seem to be so complicated. A bachelor pad should entirely represent the one who lives in it. Hobbies, preferences in terms of art, ways of entertaining guests, style, colors, furniture, all of these plus tones of other details should outline the owner’s personality.
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Bachelor Pad Living Room

A fantastic example of a high-end bachelor pad done on a tight budget is the Midtown Atlanta home of sales executive Chris Staub. As Chris’ place goes to show, when done right, bachelor pad decorating can be a marvelous thing.
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Bachelor Pad Living Room

If you have a room with a view to showcase, turn that view into the focal point of the bachelor pad. Most modern homes are quickly shifting toward designs that bring the outdoors in. Why not adopt a similar style and let the view become the room’s biggest asset? The bachelor pads showcased here present views that vary from the iconic New York City skyline to the distant waves of a vibrant Miami Beach. Even if the view outside your large glass window is simply a quiet little street, let it become a part of your living room.
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This bachelor pad occupies an area of 92.9 square meters and it’s located in Vancouver, Canada. It’s situated in a building dating from 1921 and that was originally a warehouse. It was converted into condo/lofts in 1996. This loft’s owner decided to bring back the original warehouse feel but with some improvements. The loft was then converted into a one-bedroom, 2-bathroom structure with large living spaces and with the original brick exposed in some areas. The loft has large windows so it’s also bright and it’s been decorated with a bio fuel fireplace. Also, the loft can be controlled by its owner using the iPhone so this is also a great bachelor feature.Designed by Kelly Reynolds.
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Want to enjoy a round of pool or poker along with your buddies over the weekend? Why not create a little nook and add some game tables to your living room? That’s one of the charms of the single life, and if you want to invite some friends over for a fun night, a small home bar and a dart board might be the way to go. Expand the horizons of your living room and make it an inviting, engaging space. Any home, bachelor pad or not, should reflect the styles of the people living in it. Don’t become consumed with creating a picture-perfect look.
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A plush rug here and a cube ottoman with a chic print there can soften an overtly masculine approach and give the bachelor pad a warmer, more inviting appeal. Exposed brick walls and steel pipes allow you to bring home a distinct industrial look, which is an ideal fit for bachelor pads. Classic furnishings and Mid-Century modern icons like the Eames Lounger add panache and flair while keeping the manly vibe intact.
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Large sectional sofas are a great idea for the bachelor pad living room. With friends flocking to the apartment each weekend and sometimes crashing for the night, the sectional also doubles as a plush makeshift bed. If your couch can transform into a bed with ease, even better! Add a stylish coffee table to complete the core of your living room. Since most of us grab a bite in front of the TV, the coffee table is an absolute must indeed.
bachelor pad living room 11

Hanging art Beautifully balanced and positioned, the bicycle in this bachelor pad almost becomes an extension of the existing artwork above it. By placing the bike on the wall in a spacious access way, there’s plenty of room to walk past the handlebars.
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2. You can also forget about all the accessories and decorations such as plants and ornamental pieces. They will only make the house seem less airy and they will also give problems when cleaning. A bachelor pad needs to be simple, relaxing, uncluttered and easy to maintain.
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Now we move to Sao Paolo, Brazil where we found another great bachelor pad by Carol Leães. It’s a man cave by the book. Notice how simple the interior décor is. The lines are clean and simple, there are no ruffles, no unnecessary decorations, no useless features. This place even has a pool table, the thing that all men want in their home but never get to once they move into a family home. Also, notice the Porsche book that’s been strategically placed on the coffee table just to make a statement. What’s particularly beautiful about this place is the color palette and the mix of textures and materials.
bachelor pad living room 14

You won’t ever see a real bachelor pad without gadgets, this is definitely out of the question. I’m not talking about smart phones or any other personal devices; I’m talking about important tools that would help you enjoy spending time at home, saving money and keeping you safe.
bachelor pad living room 15

Determined to give his 17th floor high-rise Atlanta condo a polished, masculine look, sales executive Chris Staub chose a color scheme of dark brown, red, white and silver to put a more sophisticated spin on bachelor pad style. The high-end space was created on a deceptively low budget that was maximized by mixing high and low price-point purchases with a combination of flea market finds and custom-made elements.
bachelor pad living room 16

Bikes are cool, everybody knows that. What you don’t know is the fact that they look even cooler on your wall or ceiling. Besides that, keeping it inside your bachelor pad will stop you worrying about the fact that somebody might steal it one day. You never know!
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There are chances that your friends will consider your bachelor pad their second home. It’s probably the place you guys meet most frequently, so it’s important to keep them busy, or else all of you will get bored. Drinking a beer, watching TV or simply talking is not enough. Try to bring some action. Here’s how.
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Photo by: Lucas Finlay A bachelor pad Bruce Wayne would approve of, this 1,000 square-foot Yaletown property belonging to a successful inventor-entrepreneur was to be soiree central for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. A concept juxtaposing rawness with sophistication was agreed on, morphing what was an average two bedroom in its previous life to a loft with concrete floors and brick walls revealed and complemented with gloss, walnut, chrome and Corian.
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Beautifully decorated bachelor pads often tend to evoke images of slick leather surfaces, stylish gadgets, automated systems and an iPad or two casually lying around. But there are styles beyond the contemporary and the minimal that look equally stunning when done right.
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Since accessories are typically not high on bachelor’s list of priorities, Chris’ designer friend had to take the reigns to get the floating shelves accessorized. His designer friend suggested sticking with a mix of different shapes, sizes, scales, textures and finishes, and to always include some element of life.