African Living Room

African Living Room

Natural interior decorating materials, natural home fabrics and textiles, dark brown colors and exotic things, like African masks and African paintings can be used to highlight African decorating and create unique, comfortable and exotic home interiors. Replica of exotic animals, African masks, crafts and handmade African designs, textures that mimic leather, fur and wood are great for stylish African decorating.
african living room 1

African Living Room

African decorating ideas exotic and energizing. Expressive African designs and bright room colors are combined with dark wood furniture and tribal art. African decorating ideas offer wonderful solutions and accents for modern interior design in Art Deco style, and create vibrate and unusual living spaces. African masks and African paintings, brought from Africa decor accessories and carved wood furniture bring exotic luxury into modern homes.
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African Living Room

African designs are an important element of ethnic interior decorating. Contrasting color combinations and bright room colors, geometric decoration patterns and African tribal art, various African decor accessories and African paintings can be blended into modern interior decorating with ethnic flavor.
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African Living Room

African decor colors include all beautiful yellow color shades, deep orange and bright red colors and all brown colors shades. Terracotta, brick, sand and all warm room colors add comfort and coziness to African decorating.  African decorating color combinations are based on the contrasts of light and dark hues. Black color shades are ideal for bringing drama into modern African decorating.
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African Living Room

African designs look great with traditional and contemporary home furnishings. Modern kitchen utensils and brought from Africa decor accessories, African masks, tribal art works and African paintings, carved wood dishes, bowls, vases, bronze sculptures and handmade textiles make gorgeous accessories that emphasize African decorating style.
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African Living Room

Scattering a few well-chosen pieces of authentic tribal art in a room is the perfect way to tie your African theme together. Drums, for example, are renowned throughout African society and make very interesting conversation pieces. Leave a small drum at the end of the couch or by a few plants, or even create a unique end table from a larger one! African woven baskets, meanwhile, can be used for wall ornaments, magazine holders, or fruit baskets.
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African Living Room

Decor4all collection of African designs and African decorating ideas presents one of modern interior trends which is unusual, exotic and impressive. Expensive materials, like leather, striking decoration patterns, such as python, crocodile and lizard skin prints, zebra or tiger stripes, leopard and giraffe pattens, card wood furniture and decor accessories made with rosewood, palm trees and exotic birds images are fabulous African decorating ideas that can enrich modern interior design.
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African Living Room

Color is very important in creating the feel of an African safari, so decorate with earthy shades. Browns, creams, taupes, or golds on the walls echo the colors of the African savanna and carry the added benefit of warming the atmosphere of any room. Accent colors like rusty reds, burnt oranges, and olive greens, on the other hand, complete the look and keep the space looking natural and inviting.
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Accent stone wall designs or whitewashed wall decoration, rustic wood boards, wooden tiles or laminate materials created with exotic wood types are excellent African decorating ideas that look spectacular with handmade wool rugs, woven or knitted textiles and bright room colors. Natural interior decorating materials and carved wood furniture look simple and elegant. Forged metal decor accessories, lanterns, wicker and leather accents can add more chic and interest to African decorating.
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Africa is an exotic place, which excites and stays on your mind forever, once you see it. If you love this part of the world but can’t go there, you can always bring this flavor to your home creating African-inspired interiors. Such rooms are perfect for countries with long winters, just to add some warmth to the interiors. What are the characteristic features of African décor?
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African decor can be dynamic, creative and pretty much inspiring. Colours can be evocative of the sunburnt earth, deep verdant rainforests, softly wistful savannah plains, burnt orange African sunsets and pinkly-purple sunrises, crazily energetic and vibrant market places. And let us not forget the graphic concepts of black and white.
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Bold and contemporary Arizona living room. Browns, grays and blacks tie this living room together seamlessly. The perfectly suited set of furniture made this room worth saving, and Houzzers noted the well-designed layout as well.
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Choose a wall without doors or windows to be the focal point of the room.  Consider painting it a darker shade than the others to add depth and draw the eye.  Then fill the space with an African mask or mask collection, paintings depicting rural life, or wood-framed mirrors.  For a softer texture on your accent wall, try hanging up an authentic kente cloth or batik wall hanging.  Accent walls are endlessly versatile, so it’s up to you and your preferences.
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Bright, exotic and very decorative ethnic interior design elements can be attractively combined with modern furnishings, room furniture, decor accessories, interior decorating materials and artworks. Creative blends of modern ideas and traditional African designs look original, stylish, fresh and interesting.
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Televisions. Formal living rooms are frequently saved for entertaining guests; however, some people have only one living room and will want to place a television in it. Since televisions now come in a wide variety of sizes, arranging furniture for them depends on which TV is chosen and how it’s used.
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Furniture was selected and arranged to lend way for conversation, with a beautiful, creme Ebanista sofa and custom window treatments by Stitch. Pops of color found in mustard fabrics from Christopher Farr, Dedar, Donghia and Nobilis provide casual and vibrant freshness to the space. A fresh approach to a grandfather clock with industrial influences crafted by a South African designer.
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Place some furniture perpendicular to the length of the room. In this room, if they had placed a long sofa facing the fireplace, by the time you put a coffee table in front of it, you would have to walk right through the sitting area to get by. Plus, the room would have looked longer and skinnier!
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Place furniture in a corner arrangement with the foot traffic angling across open space. In this living room, the door opens right into one side, and a console table keeps you from walking straight down that side.
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“Patina refers to a level of age and wear, such as you find in antique furniture,” says Dittmar. “Having pieces with patina instantly gives the room a lived-in feeling. The worst thing is to furnish a room with everything brand new. It has no soul or character and more closely resembles a furniture store, not a home.”
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Speaking of not overdoing it, the key to pulling off the safari look without making your home feel like a noisy zoo is restraint.  For example, room composition in Africa is typically kept minimal to allow air to circulate in the humid climate, so don’t overcrowd the furniture.  Similarly, don’t go overboard with accessories, and be sure to balance your accent items throughout the space. Finally, balance patterns and solids to create a room that breathes and feels uncluttered.
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Consider the flow. Some rooms are simply easier to arrange furniture in than others. If you’ve been having trouble getting the furniture in the right spot, try stepping back and snapping a few quick pictures from the doorway. Is there a major piece of furniture blocking your view into the room, or is there an easy and obvious way to enter and flow through the space?